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Q2 Solutions LLC Services
Security Management Consulting 
Assessments and analysis to determine how and where your organization is vulnerable to theft, deliberate destruction, or other malicious acts that can negatively affect your business. Expertise focuses on the pillars of protection - physical security, personnel security, and propriety information protection. Q2 Solutions will assess threats to your organization and review or develop security policies, procedures, and measures to ensure that risks are identified and mitigated, and your assets are safeguarded. Security Management Consulting services include:
  • Physical Security Surveys and Audits (to include policy and procedures)
  • Full perimeter, systematic security measures assessments
  • Develop or review physical security measures, procedures, and policy
  • Manage security measures installation
  • Security Director consulting services
  • Workplace Violence Mitigation and Intervention Consulting
Crisis / Emergency Management Consulting 
Analyze your organization's operations and environment, and develop plans to recover and continue operations after a catastrophic event shuts down part or all of your business. Q2 Solutions will work with your organization to develop plans to enact when a major crisis or contingency occurs in order to minimize the risk to personnel and property. Conducting analysis along the lines of threat identification, mitigation, preparation, response, and recovery, Q2 Solutions can help protect what is important to your organization and minimize the interruption to business operations.

Standard Practices and Procedures Development 
Draft or review and offer recommendations on your organization’s standard procedures and best business practices to ensure methods are in accordance with management’s guidance and can be disseminated to ensure consistency throughout the organization.

Technical Writing (Plans, Procedures, Doctrine, Curriculum) 
Review and update, or development and draft plans, doctrine, and curriculum.

Short Term Staffing Solutions (Government / Government Contracted) 
Provide small unit tactics and Special Operations Forces experience and expertise to Government Departments and Agencies, and Government Vendors on a short term basis either within the continental United States or overseas / outside the United States (less than 6 month). Potential solutions can be in the form of providing off-site man-hours support or deploying outside the U.S. to fill a critical, but unplanned for, vacate position

Armed Executive Protection 
Providing protection from a pool of seasoned, former Navy SEALs and Law Enforcement professionals, Q2 Solutions provides armed Executive Protection to corporate and high value personnel at all types of events.

Other Lines of Operations 
Q2 Solutions LLC provides consultation and briefs based upon experience, expertise, and formal education on a range of military related topics to include insurgency / counter-insurgency; joint operations; ethics in the work place; and management.


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