Services We Provide



Q2 Solutions will assess threats to your organization and review or develop security policies, procedures, and measures to ensure those risks are mitigated and your assets are safeguarded. Analysis will identify how and where your organization is vulnerable to theft, vandalism, deliberate destruction, or other malicious acts. Hardware, technical, and procedural solutions will be uniquely developed to match your organization’s environment, culture, and needs. After completing a thorough assessment of site, Q2 Solutions will draft a comprehensive report that supports your security planning and budgeting efforts.



Armed and unarmed close protection tailored to the environment, threat, and client’s concerns. Q2 Solutions provides professional, discreet protection and security to both individuals on the move and corporate events. We field only experienced, professional agents who understand the art of providing protection without distracting from the client’s persona, schedule, or attending event.


Tailored Training Services

Q2 Solutions offers tailored training services to help your organization and personnel remain safe. Briefs and training are developed to specifically address possible threats to the organization, but also take into account the entity’s unique business operations, culture, and work environment. Q2 Solutions excels in curriculum development and provides professional instruction from a group of experienced business, security, or prior military leaders.

  • Active Shooter
  • Workplace Violence
  • Travel and Personal Security

Physical Security Penetration Audits

Q2 Solutions offers clients an opportunity to periodically receive feedback as to how well their current security force and in-place measures protect the organization from unauthorized entry into the workplace. Conducted by experienced & professional security consultants, this tool provides short assessments that are independent, insightful, and incredible helpful to organizations. Unauthorized entry attempts can be conducted by use of surreptitious maneuvering, disguised personnel, manufactured false identification, or fabricated explanations or misrepresentations.


Policy and Procedure Development

Develop and draft, or review and update your organization’s policies or procedures.  Q2 Solutions possesses the in-depth staffing and documentation experience required to ensure your organization grows in a manner consistent with management's intentions.  Policy and Procedure Development services include:

  • Develop or revise organizational policy or procedures
  • Capture and standardize best business practices
  • Develop and draft standardized operational procedures